Switched from Pear to Composer

  • Tags: php, faker, migrations,
  • Written on: October 12, 2012

I was using pear for two of my homebrew projects Faker and Migrations. I was not enamored by deployment steps and in my case struggles combined with lack of noob friendly documentation.

I decide to embrace composer and took the time to modify both libraries to use composer vendor bins. I registered both packages with packagist under the namespace icomefromthenet. I hope this improves the exposure of both projects.

My experience? Well I believe there is not enough documentation or tutorials for using composer with vendor bins. I had to look at the code from phpunit and behat to supplement my understanding. I took the path of registering both projects before they where ready. It took a few commits to work out the errors, I only hope no one tried to download the packages before they were fixed.

If I were to place another project on packagist I would wait and use a manual repository entry while testing and when complete place on packagist.