As with life, so much to see with so little time. Here is my top list of top flicks that keep poping up into my mind year after year.

Action Flick of the Year

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

This one does change for me every year but this time it must be Transformers: Dark of the Moon, I blame the casting of Leonard Nimoy an the various Trek references not so subtlety buried within, or maybe it was that I had the toys in younger days. An maybe I was happy this one was not as terrible as the previous effort. For a pure escapest 3d flick this one is hard to beat.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is a 2011 American science fiction action film based on the Transformers toy line. First released on June 23, 2011, it is the third installment of the live-action Transformers film series. Like its predecessors, Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers: Dark of the Moon is directed by Michael Bay and produced by Steven Spielberg. The film’s story is set three years after the events of the second film, with the Autobots, during their collaboration with the NEST (Networked Elements: Supporters and Transformers) military force, discovering a hidden alien technology in possession of humans, which had been found by Apollo 11 on the Moon 42 years prior. However, the Decepticons unveil a plan to use the technology to enslave Humanity in order to bring back Cybertron, the home planet of the Transformers. Wikipedia

Comedy of all Time

American Pie (1999)

I would have to say my all time comedy would have to be American Pie, I don’t know if it was my age or that dam pie but this one I will always remmember and to me that make its a good comedy.

Jim, Oz, Finch and Kevin are four friends who make a pact that before they graduate they will all lose their virginity. The hard job now is how to reach that goal by prom night. Whilst Oz begins singing to grab attention and Kevin tries to persuade his girlfriend, Finch tries any easy route of spreading rumors and Jim fails miserably. Whether it is being caught on top of a pie or on the Internet, Jim always end up with his trusty sex advice from his father. Will they achieve their goal of getting laid by prom night? or will they learn something much different. IMDB.

Satire Extraordinaire

Dr Stranglelove (1964)

The winner of this award would have to Dr Stranglelove, This would have to be my favourite Stanley Kubrick flick this 1960’s Cold War satire still amusing and smart some 46+ years later.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, commonly known as Dr. Strangelove, is a 1964 black comedy film which satirizes the nuclear scare. It was directed, produced, and co-written by Stanley Kubrick, starring Peter Sellers and George C. Scott, and featuring Sterling Hayden, Keenan Wynn, and Slim Pickens. The film is loosely based on Peter George’s Cold War thriller novel Red Alert, also known as Two Hours to Doom. Wikipedia.

Genre Fick to end all others

Moon (2009)

I am a sci-fi film fan and I love when an unexpected genre film delivers the last film for me is 2009 Moon, I have to say this is to date the best Sam Rockwell film I’ve witnessed (Yes I have seen The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy which he did provide a good performance, but the move was nothing to the book) and GERTY (tha AI voiced by Kevin Spacey) is so far my favourite AI portrayal.

Moon is a 2009 British science fiction drama film directed by Duncan Jones.The film is about a man who experiences a personal crisis as he nears the end of a three-year solitary stint mining helium-3 on the far side of the Earth’s moon. It was the feature debut of director Duncan Jones, son of the British rock musician David Bowie. Sam Rockwell stars as the employee Sam Bell, and Kevin Spacey voices his robot companion.Wikipedia.

Best Crime

The Usual Suspects (1995)

I don’t belive 1995 The Usual Suspects, will every be exceeded in my eyes. A great mix of thriller and caper with an ending that will supprise and on review leave you feeling dumbfounded but not in a bad way like many of the American police procedurals that bring suspect out from the never never.

A boat has been destroyed, criminals are dead, and the key to this mystery lies with the only survivor and his twisted, convoluted story beginning with five career crooks in a seemingly random police lineup. IMDB.