Up until Mylo Xyloto I loved everything that coldplay produced. Rather than be dissapointed by that pop trash I would remember their fantastic body of work,

  • Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends
  • X&Y
  • A Rush of Blood to the Head
  • Parachutes

If you never brought a coldplay album, don’t start with Mylo Xyloto but do buyone.

Something for Kate

The best Australia has to offer, IMOP. I have enjoyed every album and there have been many. Since 1995 they have produced 7 of my most listened albums.

  • Elsewhere for 8 Minutes (1997)
  • Beautiful Sharks (1999)
  • Q & A with Dean Martin (reissue) (2000)
  • Echolalia (2001)
  • The Official Fiction (2003) #1 Australia
  • Phantom Limbs: Selected B-Sides (2004)
  • Desert Lights (2006) #1 Australia

I was happy to hear they are producing a new album after a long period of best of albums (cause I own those too).

The Whitlams

Best Aussie Piano Rock. If your a fan of Ben Folds you will love Tim Freeman and band.

  • Undeniably The Whitlams (1994)
  • Eternal Nightcap (1997)
  • Love This City (1999)
  • Tourch the Moon (2002)
  • Little Cloud (2006)

Though there currenty on hiatus, their backcatalog is worth the time to listen.

Ben Folds

Piano rock!!! if your still reading I think you notice a pattern ‘I really enjoy piano rock’. Most of all I enjoy Ben Folds live releases, fantasic music for the car. May favourites albums are listed below:

  • Ben Folds Live (2002)
  • Lonely Avenue (2010)
  • Ben Folds Five (1995)

I hope that another original work will be on the way soon.