DBAL Gateway

Doctrine DBAL is a fantastic extension to PDO but writing CRUD code for simple 1 to 1 mappings still represents a time sink. This component implements Table Gateway on top of Doctrine DBAL and is heavily inspired by zf2 Table Gateway.

What are the benefits?
Using metadata the gateway will convert values, for example DateTime is converted to a stamps and the stamp is converted back to DateTime.
Events system, e.g pre_select , post_delete , pre_insert... based around the symfony2 event dispatcher.
Query Logger using Monolog, you would normally write this yourself.
Builder can map records to entities, you could build an active record on top of this gateway.
Supply a collection class and it will load them into it.
Fluid interface for running selects, inserts, updates and deletes.
Faster than manual CRUD.
Whats are the cons?
Loose auto-completion in your IDE, for subclasses, only get it for the bases classes.
Overhead a little more memory and extra method calls.