Faker - Tests Data Generator

There have been a few ports of the original Perl Faker and a few of those have been to php. What started as another port has grown instead into a comprehensive data generation tool, powered by Doctrine DBAL and Symfony2 Components.

I wanted Faker to help write PHPUnit DBUnit fixtures.

I wanted to achive a balance between the original Perl Faker (used for screen mockups) and all pupose Java tool like Databene or Microsoft equivalent . Easier to lean, easy extension and xml and cli based.

1. Supports multiple platforms using Doctrine DBAL.
2. Supports PHPUnit Dataset XML for DBUnit fixtures.
3. Supports Standard Sql DDL (insert statements) for the platforms mentioned above.
4. Output Formats have heir own templates that can be customized per project. (add own branding).
5. Configured via XML file that feels closer to your database.
6. Many built in datatypes, Including text, numeric , autoincrements, email , city names etc
7. Embraces extension, write own types, writters and locales.
8. Installed via composer
9. Analyse and build struct from existing database.
10. Seed your random number generator for repeatable results (seed global|table|column|type).
11. Supported custom locals, generate test data in unicode. (Not just ENGLISH).
12. Project folder that can be version controled with your project.