LaterJob - A Database Queue with Metrics

I have in the past needed a simple queue for applications hosted on 'sharded host' or other limited php environments with:

no access to the cli,
no persistent processes
no chmod - physically set write permissions in cpanel or equivlent.
Small scale single node installations.
I developed LaterJob to power jobs such as:
1. Mail Queues.
2. Sms Queues.
3. Thumbnail Generation.
4. PDF Generation.
Its a simple queue, simlar to Zend\DB\Queue but comes packaged with metrics
* Written with Symfony2 components and Doctrine DBAL.
* Uses Cron scripts for workers and metric generation.
* Can Run many workers.
* Multiple queues per script if needed.
* Records state transitions into the database as activity which drive Metrics.
* Installed via composer.
* Restful Silex API to query monitor data